Te Casan, NY


CW/Concept. When an entrepeuneur interviews writers from several disciplines—editorial, journalism, advertising—in the hopes of finding someone who can tell the ‘real stories’ of seven fledgling shoe designers with emotion and craft, I was curious to learn more about the project. Two and a half weeks later, I was in the air to Barcelona to conduct interviews with the emerging designers from the hottest fashion houses, at their new Te Casan studio there. I was to capture who they were in unique profile formats for the Brand book, in-store signage, and PR campaign usage. I worked closely with Pompei AD, NY in the development of the book for Te Casan’s first signature, multi-level flagship store in the heart of SoHo. As for the shoes ladies, collections ranged from crystal-encrusted stilettos to high-end technical trainers. Natalie Portman had a short-lived but beautifully realized line of vegan shoes that followed.